P H I L I P 
K A P A D I A 

A highly proficient editor specialising in offline film & video editing, with experience in all sectors of video, photo and audio production.

Hello,  I'm Philip Kapadia and I'm an 18-year-old filmmaker based in London UK. As an editor, my focus is upon premium quality in every little detail of everything that I do. 
I'm currently in the first year of my degree in Post Production and Editing at Ravensbourne University. 
I specialize in offline video editing and I love constructing and building scenes in a timeline. My other talents help me with editing, my experience in music helps me marry visuals and audio together seamlessly, and my experience in photography allows me to colour grade, and frame my video shots creatively. I have an in-depth technical and practical knowledge of industry-standard software such as Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and Baselight, and I have an exceptional understanding of post-production engineering, and most importantly, storytelling.
My work has been displayed at several design exhibitions around the world, on YouTube where my work has been viewed over a million times, and most recently, one of my music videos on the MTV cable channel. I have also created films for various high profile brands such as Avid Technology, and Kube Risk. 
I'm looking to peruse a career in long-form video editing, and I'm always looking to work on any long-form, or short-form project that could enhance my portfolio :)

Contact me:

Email: philipkapadia@gmail.com
Phone: 07598736091